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  • A Self-Coaching Empowerment Workbook to achieve your Dream Come True Life!If you have read other self-help books and have not reached your dream, this is the book for you! However, be prepared to really find answers!“A dream is a wish your heart makes...”Walt Disney’s Cinderella Learn how to access your inner “secret” and use your inner source of power to create your dream come true life! A Self-Coaching Step by Step Empowerment Workbook to achieve your Dream Come True Life. This book functions as a workbook and a journal as it asks many questions to explore your dreams as well as any beliefs you hold that self-sabotage. You will be guided to follow steps to release those negative beliefs and create new supportive ones to bring you to a place of freedom, release and exhilaration!The reader is guided through the art of intentional, purposeful Daydreaming; envisioning your dream by helping you identify what you really would like to have in your life. You will learn how to use your thoughts through the process of daydreaming to manifest these things in your life, through daily practices, and how to clear out any negative beliefs you are holding onto, that you don't even realize, undermine and sabotage your dream come true life!Discover the magic of using the process of Daydreaming to bring your dream life into reality!