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About Patricia Heitz

Patricia is a Certified Integrated Health & Wellness Coach, Empowerment Coach, and Workshop Trainer. Her personal story of survival and resilience (see below) has led her to share what she has learned to live a dream come true life!

" I have been to the lowest point in my life several times and have finally learned how to be the master of my life, truly love who I am, find daily happiness and joy and live in more abundance than I ever dreamed! You Can Too!"

Patricia Heitz, Empowerment Coach

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My Story
My first "Ah Hah" healing moment came in 2002 after being diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. My father in law had died from this disease in 2001. During his illness, I went back and forth between guilt and shame and excitement for the money he would be leaving. I desperately wanted a bigger house for my family.
When he died, I couldn't get my husband to the builder for our new house fast enough. Within 8 months we closed on our new home. Within 2 weeks of moving in, I was diagnosed with the same disease he died of. Immediately, my intuition told me this was no coincidence.
Of course, there was so much fear that I too would die, and I kept thinking "This can't happen....I have young children" I prayed everyday, to "help me see what I need to see and know what I need to know"
While home recuperating from the surgery that removed my cancerous kidney, someone had given me a book: You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. When I read the part where she asks "Why do you need this", I knew immediately, I had taken on my father in law's disease out of guilt and shame.
You see, I had taken the negative energy I had held on to all of my life prior to that from childhood abuse, psychological abuse, growing up in an alcoholic family, a suicide attempt at age 14, that created fear, anger, and shame and transferred it into kidney cancer as the ultimate punishment to myself for my self-loathing.
The miracle came, when they found that no cancer cells had traveled outside the kidney; the cancer was completely contained within the diseased right kidney as the left kidney had taken over when the tumor started growing, and therefore saved me from the cancer metastasizing.
This is when I thought "If I could manifest this, what could I do If I believed something positive about myself"
I then started my journey to learn EVERYTHING about mind, body wellness. I have spent everyday since 2002 studying every bit of information I could read, listen to or workshop I could attend.
I am now Cancer free, and my doctor, in 2019 declared me "cured". When he told me that, I knew, that was validation for changing my beliefs and learning to love who I am.
I now live a life, that I could only dream of. I am not even close to the person I used to be. I have not only survived, I am truly Thriving!

My greatest wish is to share my lessons learned to help others on their journey of healing self-defeating beliefs and create the life of your dreams, so you too can live a life of Thriving.
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