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Designing Your Belief Blueprint


Belief becomes you. Invest in upgrading your life.


Did you know?

·  Your beliefs drive your behavior every day.

·  Your continued behavior is cemented by your beliefs

·  You may not realize that what you do, say, or create stems from what you believe.


Do your beliefs still serve you?


What if what you believe was created from a place of survival, false perceptions, or programming of another (i.e., parents, long-term relationships, an "at-the-time" influential teacher)? All of our adult beliefs come from one of these three areas.


Ask yourself if your beliefs still serve you.


Look around... what do you see? Do you have everything you want in your life?

  • We can help you get it.

  • Are you willing to receive it?

  • Get ready to change your life to benefit you.

What you'll get:

When you sign up for this online workshop I will provide you with the knowledge and empowerment to begin creating new belief(s) that support what you really want in your life. You will also get a FREE COPY of the Belief Blueprint Questionnaire - one of many tools you can use after completing my Designing Your Belief Blueprint Workshop. Upon completion, you will also receive a 30-minute FREE follow up 1:1 consultation with me.

Create new beliefs that attract what you want to have or be in your life.


Are you ready to receive?

Groups  (Overview of how to upgrade your Beliefs): 
Join us for an overview of how to transform your life by your Beliefs: 
D-Discover: your limiting beliefs
A-Assess where these beliefs came from and if they still serve you
R-Recreate new beliefs that serve what you want to have/be in your life
E.-Expand on these beliefs in your daily life and continue to evolve.
Dates/Times: Email us at: to join our next group class, OR create your own group with your friends to support each other and discover a life you never knew you could live!
Location: 1.5 hoursOnline

*Limited seats available!

Cost: $20.00 per person ~ Recieve FREE:  BE~Attitudes Ebook


Jump right in and get started with the 6 week Transformational Workshop (below)

IN PERSON OR ONLINE COURSE: Belief Blueprint Reset


Get started upgrading your beliefs to support what you want to have/be in your life!  Do you know what beliefs are subconsciously limiting you, or worse; sabotaging you?  Discover what beliefs keep you from living the life you deserve and want. 

Each week we will review the assigned chapter in the book and discuss the answers to the indepth questions that force you to dig deep into your subconcious to find the answers. We then discuss where you may have gotten stuck or don't understand. We get clarification, and discuss tools to integrate your "aha" moment about your belief(s), and move on to the next chapter.

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will be absolutely amazed at how different you feel, see the world, and most importantly see yourself and your value and gifts you bring, to the world.


1.5 hrs. per session for 6 weeks


Cost: $425 ~ IN PERSON COURSE: Belief Blueprint Reset


Discover your negative, limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want to have or be in your life. Learn how to create a new belief blueprint that supports your dreams.

COST: $300 ONLINE; Either one on one or as member of a group. 


1.5 hrs for 6 weeks


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