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I want to thank you for always leaving me more positive, self-assured and energized than when you found me.  Working with you on changing my beliefs as well as the Reiki sessions have left me with a renewed sense of self and a different perspective and approach to stressors in my life.  I am so glad you are back open for business!
Elizebeth Kegg - Delmar, NY


I started my joy journal. as you suggested!
I cannot thank you enough for helping me.  I have been in a lot of therapy over the years, and have never felt hopeful that it would work until your class.  I am so grateful for it.  You are truly doing what you were meant to do!  
Ashley ~ Seattle, WA

Trish was and is an awesome coach...Her abilities and her book "Daydreams Come True" are wonderful!  It really makes you look into your life...REALLY look at what you truly want...She makes you really look at YOURSELF and to be HONEST with yourself, but she does it in a way that you "get" and understand.
I can't thank Trish enough for the help that she has provided to me with unconditional caring and not being judgemental in any way shape or form!
Stephanie M - New York
Words can’t describe how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to work with Trish and the lessons in her book "Daydreams come true'. I’ve done a lot of programs throughout the years that had  to do with self improvement, working to get over some of the blocks that I have that keep me from moving forward in a life full of peace, love, and abundance. The lessons I got from Trish through her book, were the most eye-opening moments of experience to this point. It was almost as if a light turned on and illuminated the blocks or beliefs. The blocking and limiting beliefs I had, kept me from living the life I really want and deserve. I would highly recommend Trish and the lessons in her book to anybody at any level or point in their life. I truly cannot see it doing anything but helping you progress in any aspect of your life that you’re looking to improve.  I have no regrets, but if there were to have one, it would be that I did not find this book and her teachings sooner.  I know when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m so grateful I was finally ready to learn what I needed to learn.                               

Mark Pollard ~ Charlotte, NC
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