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In need of an Inspirational Speaker?

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Inspirational Speakers are often people who have achieved great

things and overcome great adversity.  They help make their

audiences look at the bigger picture not only in their own lives,

but in the lives of others, as a leader, a parent, or a friend.  An

Inspirational speaker encourages the audience to aspire to be

the best version of themselves.

What I do, is help the audience question their beliefs about themselves, their lives and who they authentically are.  So many of us have created beliefs about ourselves based on childhood perceptions, that at the time, we didn't understand. However, in trying to understand the world and how we fit in as a child, we create labels and meanings on things so we can file that information away to help us in the future, such as fearful events, people or places.  In our childlike brain, we don't fully understand what is going on so we perceive it means something about us, and in most cases, especially if we have been told negative things about ourselves, we perceive it means something bad.  Those perceptions then become our belief about that person, situation, event and/or ourselves.  As adults we never go back to revisit those beliefs because they become part of our subconcious, automatic behavior.  If you have ever asked yourself "Why did I  do/say that?"  That is your subconsious belief at work.  

By discovering what our beliefs are, and if they support who we want to be/have in our life, we are able to take charge of our lives, and create better beliefs that help us create a much better, happier, more abundance life.

I love challenging my audiences to question their beliefs, and discover an entire new way to look at the world based on who they really are, instead of who their beliefs have perceived them to think of themselves.

I look forward to helping your audience find how to D.A.R.E. Discover, Assess, Reconstruct, Expand, their beliefs.

Patricia Heitz, NBC-HWC Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Author: Daydreams Come True ~ Self-Coaching Workbook
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