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The BE Attitudes Book offers you a daily, or weekly guiding thought to insert into your day, or every day for a week.  It allows you to become more mindful and focused on a behavior that will help you in your daily life to remember what is really important to create joy in your life and raise your vibration to allow for all the blessings just waiting for you!

If you've ever wondered how to become mindful and find more peace and positive energy in your life, this is the book to start with.  It gives you not just your mantra for the day, but explains how to insert the mantra into your day.  It also gives you an evening meditation to extend your mindfulness and really build a higher vibration of positive energy in your life!

My hope is that you, as I have done, will discover how to stay above the chaos and busyness of your day by staying present in what is really important to not only you, but the you that interacts at work, at home and within relationships.


This is a great book to get started in upgrading your life.  After you have done your daily practice, join me in either a one on one 6 week journey to completely change your belief systems so these practices become second nature.


See our link on the home page to find Events/Workshops/Classes.


Please email me with questions, or wonderful stories on your journey!


I look forward to seeing you on journey of wellness!

Trish Heitz

BE Attitudes - a Weekly, or Daily Guide to living a happier life

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