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Holistic Skin Services

Signature-Sculpting Lift Facial Treatment


Utilizing our exclusive skin sculpting techniques, the skin is first cleansed. Next, we utilize our specific relaxing Lymphatic massage techniques to move sitting fluid out of the skin. and cleanse the skin from the inside out. We then choose an exfoliation method depending on your skin needs.  An infusion cream, depending on what your skin needs, is then applied and sculpted into the skin. Followed by a customized mask, the skin is then sculpted a second time to force any remaining sitting fluid out of the skin and slightly lifted.  While the mask is on, you are treated to a relaxing head, neck/shoulder massage.

This amazing treatment then finishes with Glacial Therapy, where icy sculpting wands are utilized for a 3rd sculpt.  The freezing temperature of the sculpting wands complete the treatment by first calming the skin, and then stimulating stem cell blood flow to the surface of the skin to nourish, reduce wrinkles, brighten and reduce puffiness.

This facial treatment will leave your skin detoxed, lifted and radiant!

 1 hr. 15 minutes


Dermessence Facial Treatment


The Dermessence Facial Treatment is a mini version of our signature Sculpting Lift where we start with cleansing, then perform relaxing Lymphatic massage to guide sitting fluid out of the skin cleansing the skin from the inside out. Now the skin is ready for infusion of nutrients.  We then infuse a customized treatment cream with our unique sculpting movements, followed with a customized mask, neck and declotte massage and finish with a customized moisturizer, and if during the day, SPF.

45 minutes



Either as an add-on or to any of our Skin Sculpting Facials, or as a stand alone treatment, this ultra smoothing service is the perfect addition to boost luminosity to the skin. An exfoliating blade is used to skim skin cells beneath the surface.  This process then forces increased skin regeneration in the 48 hours following. After the skin is exfoliated, a customized treatment cream is sculpted into the skin followed by a customized mask, where a second sculpting is performed.

The skin is left incredibly and noticeably soft, smooth and bright!

45 minutes


Skin Peel

For ageless skin, acneic, sensitive or sun damaged skin a customized skin peeling solution is created just for your skin problem.  Either Glycolic for ageless skin, Salicylic for oily/acneic skin or Lactic for more sensitive skin, the solution is applied and left on the skin for 10-20 minutes depending on strength of acid and skin issue.  After removal, the skin is then infused with a nutrient cream and SPF with home care instructions on how to care for your renewed skin.

Skin is left rejuvenated, brighter and more youthful. Best results are expected in a series minimum of 4, 6 is best (1 time a week for 4-6 weeks - depending on treatment plan for your skin)

30 minutes

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